Friday, July 16, 2010

Anti-virus Tools And Why We Need Them

Have you ever read online or had a friend tell you about how their computer stopped responding, an error screen popped up, or even maybe that there computer was compromised. If so then you have heard about some of the horror stories associated with computer viruses and the damage they can do. However there is hope though it is called an Anti-virus. These programs were designed to help keep our computers safe from attacks. Think of it this way your computer gets a cold (virus) and you give it cold medicine (the anti-virus).

There are a variety of Anti-viruses out there, some are extremely expensive and huge monstrous programs while others are free and not really that large. One free anti-virus is AVG Free Edition from GRISOFT. There are versions of the programs that cost, however for most home computers the free version will work fine. Another fact about some anti-viruses is that not all come with spy ware and Trojan protection; make sure to see what yours has and what you might need.

When it comes to any program a little bit of common sense is recommended. First you need to know what operating system you are running, and how many Megabytes your computer has in it. When you know these things then you can see if your PC meets their requirements for installation. If not I do not recommend running the software, for the simple fact if it is to big to run while your computers operating system and few other programs like the internet is running then I just don’t recommend doing it. However if your computer meets the requirements then by all means go for it.

Any one who wants to get their moneys worth out of their PC will have a good anti-virus installed. And free of course.

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Computer Virus Repair

Viruses happen. They've been around for years and unfortunately that doesn't look like changing. They sneak up on you when you least expect them and when your computer defenses are weak. What happens when you need to do a computer virus repair?

Of course, you should be running up to date anti virus software at all times. But since anti virus software involves both computers and software writers, that can be easier said than done. If there's a loophole in a software program, you can bet that a virus writer will exploit it quicker than the software writer can patch the hole.

Even if you have all your anti virus defenses in place, occasionally a virus will still slip through the net - maybe a scheduled update fails, perhaps the anti virus software company launches a new version that causes your current program to stop getting updates or you've just plain ignored the "you need to update" messages. Whatever the reason, it's irritating when your computer gets taken over by a malicious virus.

So, if you've caught a computer virus, just what do you need to do when you need to perform a virus repair on your computer?

If you're not already running an up to date virus removal program, install one now. Most of the programs around can cure most viruses for you when they detect that you've got a problem. If you've got a boot sector virus you may not be so lucky, but otherwise there's a good chance that they can help.

Unplug your network and internet cables. These will stop your computer from causing damage on your network or to unknown computer users across the internet. Also remember to disconnect your infected computer from your home wireless network before you cause any damage there. There'll be a little icon (probably at the bottom of your screen) that should allow you to do this. Otherwise you'll need to delve around in your Control Panel.

Once your computer is safely isolated, run your anti virus program, following any virus disinfection prompts as they appear. If you're one of the few people in the world who don't have an anti-virus program on your computer, you'll obviously need to download and install a program before you can run this step of the process.

Once that's been done, reconnect your internet connection and if necessary update your anti virus software with the latest virus signatures and then re-run the software. This should trap anything that has crept through your defenses whilst you were running the first virus scan.

With luck, you've now repaired any virus infection you may have had.

Next, make sure you keep it that way.

Get Windows Security Center to advise you when there problems with your virus repair software. If you're running XP or Vista, you'll find the Security Center in your Control Panel (or just search Help and it will point you in the right direction).

Check your virus repair software settings. Make sure that the virus signatures are regularly updated so that you keep any potential future infection safely out of harms way.

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An Anti-virus And How It Saved My Computer.

Not too long ago I experienced a major melt down on my computer, I am afraid to say it was due to a virus. It seems the Anti-virus I had at the time was having a conflict with my laptop; as a result, a nasty virus snuck in my system and started playing around. At first, I did not realize what it was, web pages did not load correctly, and programs either would not load or would freeze when they did. I even got the dreaded Blue Screen.

I like many others out there whose computers now have viruses even though they have an anti-virus program. My anti-virus and my computer had conflicts, and I did not realize what it was until it was almost too late. A friend of mine mentioned that I might have a virus; I stated to her that I had a program and it was running. It was then that I learned that not all anti-viruses catch all viruses. She recommended I do a scan on my computer. I did using my old anti-virus and it showed up clean. I was then told to run another virus remover tool, I did and low and behold, there were quite a few of the little rotten things hiding in my PC. It seems that my anti-virus had not done its job. Thankfully, though I found one that did, AVG Free Edition.

Once I got rid of the viruses, my programs started working again, my Internet did not hang up, and my life on my computer returned back to normal. So why am I telling you my misfortune with Computer Viruses, simple really. I was fortunate enough to have a friend help me in my time of need and I want to be able to help you before yours gets as bad as mine did.

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